Coaches: Chloe Bingham

Coach: Chloe Bingham

Chloe's passion for exercise & movement has been embedded in her from a very young age. From starting ballet and gymnastics at the age of 4, to studying a 3 year degree at a professional dance college in London, to now being a qualified Personal Trainer. Chloe hopes to spread the message to as many people as possible that exercise should be enjoyable and about celebrating what our bodies can achieve instead of a punishment for indulging in "too much ice cream last night”. Eat ALL the ice cream! Chloe truly believes that we should all aim to move our bodies in some form or another as much as possible - which can be tricky with the face paced office world we live in at the moment. But, like her dad, she still wants to be doing cartwheels at the age of 68. So, whether you enjoy yoga, running, weight training, Zumba, walking, anything! Just keep moving your body.