Coaches: Beth Allcock

Coach: Beth Allcock

Beth is a Body Control Pilates certified Mat Pilates teacher, with specialisms in Bone Health and Pre and Post Natal Pilates. Beth's journey into Pilates began when my physio prescribed it as part of my rehab following a series of fractures, and a consequent diagnosis of osteoporosis. She loved the method, the control and strength, and the mind-body connection it provided so much, Beth later trained to be a teacher, switching from her 10-year desk-based role of a national journalist. Beth's Pilates teaching style strongly adheres to Joseph Pilates' key principles of alignment, breathing and centring. While Beth does hone in on some of Pilates' classical repertoire, he classes also break down the more complex manoeuvres into simpler, more functional, forms. Off the mat Beth spends weekends in the Peak District exploring the beautiful countryside, and nearly always finishing up in a countryside pub!