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Helping you stay healthy whilst working from home.

Access over 15 live and on-demand wellness sessions each week to become fitter both in body and mind, and reap the benefits of putting your wellness first.

The world of work has changed.

Remote Working is On the rise, but there is a problem:

team leaders, you are faced with two further problems:

How we can help

optimise your wellness from home with That Day live.

available live and on-demand
from your living room:


Join our top class coaches as they help you move, sweat, and strengthen!

With classes ranging from Full Body HIIT, Low Impact Circuits, Hump Day Pump, Strength & Power, and even Boxing, there is something for everyone, whether you are an absolute beginner, or a fitness pro.

Join your colleagues as they log on to exercise at the same time, or book it in with a friend, knowing you are both in the workout together!

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That Day is made up of some of London’s leading health and wellness experts, each with our own niche, but together we cover all the key areas to help you prioritise and optimise your wellness from the convenience of your own home.

Our founders have a background in the corporate world of banking, finance and recruitment, and have faced the same hurdles of balancing work and health. It is all too easy to let your wellness come second, however we fully believe that ‘Wellness First’ is the key to flourishing in all areas of life.

Real People, Real Results

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When you join THAT DAY you are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. 
You can cancel your membership at anytime, furthermore if you don’t feel you received value after your first 7 days with us, you can cancel your membership and receive a full refund.

We are confident you will find That Day a valuable resource in optimising your wellness, however we are absolutely happy to reimburse you after 7 days should you find it is not for you!


No, we cannot. All our sessions are webinar format so you can see and hear us, but not visa versa! You can however ask any question using the chat function and if you need extra help with your form you can submit a video to our Form Checker.

We have included a broad range of classes in our weekly schedule so that there is something for everyone, especially for our corporate clients who are looking to satisfy the wants and needs of a variety of people within their team.

Although you may not think a class is for you at the moment, we encourage you to give it a try as you may enjoy it! Furthermore, is there someone else in your household who might like it? Get them involved!

If you would like some specific advice as to which classes will best suit you, you can view the full descriptions HERE. You may also contact us to ask any questions. However, all our instructors will provide regressions for moves that might be a bit more advanced. I.e. there will be easier options. Worst case scenario is take a short rest during that exercise, and rejoin after!

No! We never tie in any of our members, you are free to come and go as you please! We realise that there are times in your life when you want to really focus on your wellbeing, and times where you might be trying something new or feel you are too busy (although often this is when you need it most!). You can cancel your membership at anytime, and our door is always open to rejoin when you are ready!